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What is the Trumba University website?

The Trumba University (Trumba U) website is a demonstration site where you can learn about Trumba® Connect by seeing it in action. We’ve set up a collection of website calendars and other spuds that illustrate how you might use Trumba Connect to publicize and promote an organization’s events.

We’ve provided two main paths that you can follow to explore the site. Use the Calendars by Department menu to browse through a series of pages that you might expect to see on any university website. Or, use the Calendars by Design menu to choose specific spuds and spud views that you’d like to know more about.

What are spuds?

As you probably noticed, we mentioned spuds—also known as widgets, gadgets, or docklets—three times in the introduction above. Obviously, spuds play a key role in Trumba Connect.

They play such a key role, in fact, that it’s accurate to describe the Trumba U website as a spud container. This page alone contains three spuds, Date Finder (upper right), Upcoming Vertical Crawler (directly right), and Upcoming Crawler (bottom of the page). Taking a look at these examples can help you understand what a spud is and does.

You can see at a glance that spuds are event widgets, and that each spud displays event information in its own unique way. You can also see that the spuds have been customized to blend into the Trumba U website.

By moving your cursor over or clicking a date or event description, you can experience the ways in which spuds are interactive.

Spuds are the delivery mechanism for event information that you create and customize in Trumba Connect. By pasting spuds into pages throughout your website (as we’ve done on the Trumba U site), you create an integrated body of event information that keeps your site visitors informed and involved.

I want to know more about how spuds work

Trumba Connect

Trumba University is a demonstration website for Trumba Connect, a web-hosted online calendar solution. For more information about Trumba Corporation and the Trumba Connect product, please visit

About this spud

Date Finder Promotion Spud

expandWhat it does

  • Navigates to specific dates in the calendar spud.
  • Click the arrows to move between months.
  • Click a date to display it on the Calendar spud.
  • Hover over a date to display a list of events.

expandWhat you can customize

  • Colors (including weekdays, weekends, and dates with events) and fonts.
  • Show or hide hover popup.

expandTry it on your own web page

Copy the spud code and paste it into the code for your own web page. Detailed steps

<html><head><title></title></head><body> <div style="width:200px; border:2px solid #789149; margin-bottom:20px;"> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
webName: "trumbauevents",
spudType: "datefinder",
teaserBase : "" }); </script></div></body></html>

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